electric drive systems

A question of principle.


You are on the hunt for an ebike. An ebike, that fits to your riding style. One, that’ll offer more fun than your conventional bike yet rides like a bike. But which drive system is the right one for you? We want you to feel confident in your choice, so you’ll find a comparison of our engine systems right here.

Trails and big mountains?

You want to use your bike mainly in exposed mountain terrain? No need for a big display, but light weight and a good feel? Then you should take a close look to our Shimano STEPS 8000 models.


Your bike should be a real do-it-all? The daily shuttle to work, thorugh the countryside and on light trails? Our hardtails using the BOSCH Performance CS engine are just right then. If you want an all mountain fully, check our new XYRON emtb lineup.

Key facts.

  • 75 NM torque
  • 500Wh and 625Wh systems

The e-bike engine developer stepped up the game: with it’s brand new Performance CX, they only kept the well known name to it. Bosch introduces a whole new generation of motor units, developed for sporty usage and equipped with an incredible software power mapping, as bold as never before. The almost direct drive let’s you pedal without any resistance once you leave the 25km/h benchmark.

  • 65 NM torque
  • 500Wh systems

Bosch is renown for reliable engines and has a well known name in the world of electric drives. With their Perfoemance Line, they refined the software and set up a great power band offering perfect support from the first pedalstroke on.

  • SHIMANO Steps 8000
  • 70 NM torque
  • 504Wh systems

With it’s introduction, the Shimano Steps 8000 quickly set a benchmark in its class. Still, it’s the engine you’re thinking of when you talk about extremely techy terrain and uncompromised performance. Due to it’s low weight and compact size as well as defined support modes, the Shimano not only delivers on long, boring climbs but also in difficult uphill trails.

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